Domestic Servitude

Woman Held in Domestic Servitude

The Saturday AM program on ABC Radio has reported that a Filipino woman who was held in domestic servitude is speaking in an effort to help others who are still trapped in similar conditions.  The woman came to Australia because she was promised a job as a live-in housekeep for a foreign diplomat.  In speaking of her treatment the woman said ” I was treated like a prison.  I’m not allowed to talk, I’m not allowed to go out, even throwing out the rubbish.”  She was not given a bed to sleep on, her passport was confiscated and she was paid no wages.  She eventually escaped with the help of her embassy and the Australian Federal Police.  Australian courts will now decide if this situation of labour exploitation was in fact modern day slavery using new laws passed by the Australian Parliament in February 2013.

Click here to read  the ABC Radio report transcript.

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