A Tool to Identify and Help Victims of Human Trafficking

SPOT THE TRAFFIK is a tool to equip community members and frontline professionals to identify and help victims of trafficking.  Funded by the Home Office and developed with Sea Communications, STOP THE TRAFFIK UK is excited to announce the launch of SPOT THE TRAFFIK, a pioneering multimedia tool. This new resource includes free online materials and the opportunity for face-to-face training.  This innovative project provides a clear, accessible route for frontline professionals to get informed and equipped about what to look for so they are alert for indicators that are cause for concern.

Ruth Dearnley, CEO of STOP THE TRAFFIK comments, “In recent years it has been encouraging to read the columns written and reports presented raising the issue of people trafficking within the UK. However, our thinking and our talking is not enough. STOP THE TRAFFIK exists to find ways to make it possible for anyone, in this case frontline professionals, to act wisely and effectively to stop it. We believe that SPOT THE TRAFFIK will set people free.”  Read more…

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