Standing in Solidarity in Nepal

Showing Blue Heart By org Guests

Celebrating World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

Showing Blue Heart By org GuestsCaritas Nepal Women and Children Desk (CNWCD) observed the first UN declared World Day Against Trafficking in Persons by showing their solidarity with the victims and survivors of Human Trafficking and to spreading awareness about human trafficking in the rural communities. They organized a program in Jharuwarasi in collaboration with Santaneshwor Saving and Credit Cooperative which was attended by CNWCD staff, police personnel, Shakti Samuha, Asha Nepal and the members of the cooperative. There were altogether 114 participants. The program began with the welcoming and honoring of guests with khada followed by lighting of the inaugural lamp along with the national anthem.  Following this representatives of all organizations present gave speeches regarding the Blue Heart Campaign.  Read more…

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