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Kevin Hyland

Anti-Slavery Commissioner Contacts 25 FTSE 100 Firms

UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland, has contacted 25 FTSE 100 firms concerning their failure to meeting reporting requirement of the UK Modern Slavery Act. Hyland said: “Despite some encouraging, positive change since the legislation came into force, 2016’s corporate modern slavery statements were patchy in quality, with some companies failing to produce them at all and others demonstrating little meaningful engagement with the issues.” Under the MSA firms with a turnover of £38 million are required to report on what they are doing to investigate and eliminate the presence of slavery in their supply chain. Read more…

In 2017 the Australian Government conducted an Inquiry into whether Australia should have a Modern Slavery Act. The report of this inquiry recommends that businesses with an annual turn over of $50 million should be required to report on their effort to investigate, and if found eliminate, slavery in their supply chain.

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