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If you have donated to ACRATH this year – thank you for supporting victims and survivors of human trafficking. If you have not donated, please consider supporting ACRATH’s projects and programs. We hope to raise $350,000 by 30 July 2023, the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons.

This year’s campaign is highlighting ACRATH’s need for sustainable funding in order to continue programs and support victims and survivors of human trafficking. ACRATH has made a difference to the scourge of modern slavery in the past 18 years with huge support from schools, philanthropists, the community and religious congregations.

ACRATH is an advocate, educator and direct responder, working against human trafficking.  We have always taken a long-term view. This was evident recently, where in the recent Federal Budget, the decision was made to offer victims and survivors of human trafficking the opportunity to access support without, in the first instance, being involved with law enforcement agencies.  A pilot program will be provided for alternative processes.  ACRATH with several other partners, has advocated over the past 17 years for this important change in direction. Similarly, after long-term advocacy, the Federal Budget has provided for the establishment of a Federal Anti-Slavery Commissioner. 

We are asking for one off donations, or if possible a three–year commitment, to ensure our existing programs can be maintained, and new projects can be initiated when needs arise. Funds raised will go to the following programs:

  • Our ACRATH Companionship program, where we train and support volunteers to walk alongside a victim and survivor, much as a good neighbour would do.
  • Our awareness raising program in Australian public hospitals so Emergency Department staff are trained to recognise a trafficked person and also know how to refer them on safely.
  • Our advocacy campaign with Members of Federal Parliament this year to get a federal compensation scheme that can be accessed by victims and survivors.

We ask YOU to help us to continue our important work and spread the message that PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR SALE!

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