Thank you Nestlé

Milo & KitKat are Certified Traffikfree Nestlé, are playing their part. We were excited when ?Nestlé certified its chocolate products in Australia and New Zealand to prevent the use of human trafficking, forced and child labour in 2013. And now they have taken another exciting step! Milo and the global KitKat range will now also…

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Thank You Nestlé

Nestle: We want Traffik-Free Chocolate

Working Towards Child Slavery Free Chocolate In 2010 Nestlé began distributing  four finger Kitkat in Australia using UTZ certified cocoa.  This action was welcomed by all those campaigning for a child slavery free chocolate industry.  Recently this certification has been extended to all Nestlé Kitkat products. Over 75% of the world’s cocoa is produced in…

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