Talitha Kum Celebrates 10 Years

Louise & TK Certificate

Talitha Kum, the International Network of Consecrated Life Against Trafficking in Persons, is celebrating its 10th Anniversary with an assembly in Rome (21-27 September). Present at the event are ACRATH members Christine Carolan, Claire Griffith and Louise Cleary.

Talitha Kum has been a catalyst for connecting networks of Religious and their lay colleagues working to eradicate human trafficking. Being part of an international network has facilitated the ability for organisations such as ACRATH to work locally but with a global awareness. ACRATH values the sharing that has been able to take place with other networks within Talitha Kum.

During the opening ceremony of the assembly ACRATH member Sr Louise Cleary csb was recognised for her “significant and dynamic contribution to the ongoing work of ACRATH raising awareness about human trafficking around Australia. She has inspired collaboration among community groups and identified the need for legislative and policy change.” Congratulations Louise.


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