Talitha Kum is an international network of Consecrated Life against trafficking in persons. Talitha Kum is an expression found in the Gospel of Mark, chapter 5, verse 41. The words, translated from the Aramaic mean: “little girl, I say to you, stand-up”. The expression “Talitha Kum – arise” has the transformative power of compassion and mercy, which awakens the deep desire for dignity and life which may be asleep and injured because of many forms of exploitation.

Working as a network Talitha Kum facilitates collaboration and the interchange of information between consecrated men and women in 70 countries. Founded in 2009 Talitha Kum arose from the shared desire to coordinate and strengthen the already existing activities against trafficking undertaken by consecrated persons in the five continents.

Talita Kum is a network of networks, organized in many different ways, each promoting initiatives against trafficking in persons in their particular contexts and cultures. ACRATH is an active member of the Talitha Kum network.

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