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Kildare Fairtrade

Kildare FairtradeYear 9 Geography at Kildare College

Year 9 Kildare College students have been studying the impact Fair Trade can have on people in developing countries; in particular they explored what this means for the cocoa farmers around the world. During the unit students were posed the question ’Should supermarkets stock only Fair Trade chocolate?’

The classes created names for their own fictitious supermarkets – ‘Foodworld, Colesworth’s and Grocery Heaven and adopted the roles of various stakeholders in this argument; these included the supermarket executives, Fair Trade executives, Nestle’bury executives, Fair Trade cocoa famers, non-Fair Trade cocoa farmers, socially conscious chocolate addicted consumers and chocolate addicted pensioners.

Each group debated their perspective of why or why not the supermarket should stock only Fair Trade chocolate during an Expo in Week 8. The Year 8 students were invited to hear the arguments and cast their votes on whether they agreed or not. The presentations involved many hours of research and preparation, and provided the Year 8 students with an opportunity to participate in fun activities and taste chocolate.

ACRATH is grateful that the HASS Faculty of Kildare College is willing to share the resource with other teachers through the ACRATH website.  Download the resource using the following links.

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