Technology and Anti-Trafficking

Anti-Trafficking Review

The Anti-Trafficking Review is published by the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW), a network of over 80 NGOs worldwide focused on advancing the human rights of migrants and trafficked persons. The April 2020 issue of this periodical has for its theme Technology, Anti-Trafficking, and Speculative Futures. Published in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the editorial to this edition poses the questions:

  • In our current moment, widely viewed as unprecedented, we also wonder: might an already constrained situation worsen for people in the sex trade as well as for workers in the gig economy, manufacturing, or service industries such as tourism and hospitality?
  • How might technology exacerbate already precarious labour arrangements?
  • And what analytical insights from past research to document anti-trafficking and technology might be brought to bear in mitigating current
    and future vulnerabilities? 1.

Articles in this issue include Freeing the Modern Slaves, One Click at a Time: Theorising human trafficking, modern slavery, and technology, There’s an App for That? Ethical consumption in the fight against trafficking for labour exploitation and Addressing Exploitation in Supply Chains: Is technology a game changer for worker voice?  Dowload the April issue of the Anti-Trafficing Review here.

  1.  J Musto, M Thakor, and B Gerasimov, ‘Editorial: Between Hope and Hype: Critical evaluations of technology’s role in anti-trafficking’, Anti-Trafficking Review, issue 14, 2020, pp. 2,

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