Temporary Migrant Workers in Australia

Wage Theft in Australia

Wage Theft in AustraliaSurvey Exposes Exploitation

Research conducted by the University of NSW and The University of Technology Sydney found that 30 per cent of temporary migrant workers in Australia earn $12 an hour or less, while fruit and vegetable pickers, petrol station attendants, car washers and child-care workers routinely suffered wage theft.

The National Temporary Migrant Work Survey is the most comprehensive study of wage theft and working conditions among international students, backpackers and other temporary migrants in Australia. The survey draws on responses from 4,322 temporary migrants across 107 nationalities of every region in the world, working in a range of jobs in all states and territories. Its unprecedented scope indicates the breadth, depth and complexity of non-compliance with Australian labour law. Download a copy of the report here.