Thank You Nestlé

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Time to Celebrate

ACRATH was delighted to receive the the media release from Nestlé Australia dated 19th February 2013 regarding the use of certified cocoa used in products produced in Australia.  The document states “Nestlé Australia announced today that every chocolate it sells is now independently certified to ensure the cocoa is sourced and produced sustainably on farms with safe working conditions…..the Nestlé Cocoa Plan is helping farmers to run profitable farms, eliminate the use of child labour and ensure a sustainable supply of cocoa..”

Thank you to all ACRATH supporters who have been involved in postcard campaigns to Nestlé.  ACRATH members were gathered at their National Conference in Sydney when we received this news and so we celebrated with a Kit Kat supper.  Thank you Nestlé.  We are hoping that other chocolate companies will follow your lead.

View a copy of the Nestlé Cocoa Plan media release here.

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