The Cost of Human Clothes


This Song Saved My Life

MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking) and Canadian rock band Simple Plan, in partnership with USAID and Walk Free,  have released a music video that dramatically highlights the dangers and impact of human trafficking.

Produced for the track “This Song Saved My Life” from the album “Get Your Heart On!,” the powerful lyrics were crowdsourced from Simple Plan’s fans on Twitter with a handful of fans invited into the recording studio to contribute vocals on this ground-breaking collaboration.

The Simple Plan music video represents an innovative and creative way to fuse musical content with MTV’s pro-social messaging. ‘Freedom comes from knowledge,’ is the powerful message of the gripping four-minute video that takes viewers inside the emotionally charged story of young people trapped and forced to work in a textile factory set in Asia. The young victims suffer abuse among horrendous conditions. Seemingly, all hope is lost until one of the workers hatches a plan that ultimately brings freedom for all the young workers in the factory and justice to the factory operators.

Click here to view the video.

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