The Dead Eye and the Deep Blue Sea

The Dead Eye and the Deep Blue Sea

The Dead Eye and the Deep Blue Sea: a Graphic Memoir of Modern Slavery is a new book by Human Rights Defender Award winner and human trafficking survivor Vannak Anan Prum. It is an account of Mr. Prum’s life, the events leading up to him being trafficked, and his experiences as a slave in the South East Asian fishing industry and later agricultural industry.

Mr. Prum launched his book in the US last year and is touring Australia starting on the 30th of July, making stops in Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne. He will be hosting a number of public events launching the book.

He will also be appearing on a panel as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival, which will be showing a documentary about human trafficking in the fishing industry called Buoyancy.

The press release containing his tour dates and events, as well as contact information, can be accessed here.

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