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It Happens in Australia

By ACRATH | June 20, 2019

Human trafficking and slavery takes on many forms. And yes, it happens here in Australia. An article authored by UTS Professor of Law, Jennifer Burn,…

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Servitude or Service?

By ACRATH | June 19, 2019

Service or Servitude: A Study of Trafficking for Domestic Work in Australia by Heather Moore is the first report to analyse 30+ cases of domestic servitude…

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Sydney Woman Found Guilty

By ACRATH | May 16, 2019

A NSW District Court Jury has found a Sydney woman guilty on two accounts of intentionally possessing a slave, exercising powers of ownership over a…

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First Conviction of Forced Labour

By ACRATH | April 16, 2019

A Brisbane couple have been found guilty of the offence of forced labour. This is the first time there has been a conviction for the…

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Using Nobel Peace Prize to Fight Trafficking

By ACRATH | November 9, 2018

At age 19, Nadia Murad was kidnapped from her home in Kojo, a village in the Sinjar region of Iraq, and held hostage by the…

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2018 Trafficking in Persons Report

By ACRATH | June 29, 2018

Modern Slavery Has No Place in the World In releasing the 2018 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report US Secretary of State, Michael R Pompeo said: “Modern…

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When Saying No Is Not an Option

By ACRATH | June 17, 2018

Forced Marriage in Australia and New Zealand The Australian Institute of Criminology has released a research paper entitled When saying no is not an option:…

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Stop Trafficking!

By ACRATH | May 8, 2017

Anti-Human Trafficking Newsletter Vol 15 No 5 Human Trafficking is a hidden crime. The May 2017 issue of Stop Trafficking! reveals how people are beginning to…

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Forced Marriage in Melbourne

By ACRATH | January 31, 2017

Melbourne Magistrate Court Charges Cleric In early January 2017 a Melbourne Magistrate Court charged a cleric over the forced marriage of a child. The marriage took…

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Breaking the Chain of Forced Marriage

By ACRATH | December 6, 2016

Jasvinda’s Story At the age of 16 Jasvinder Sanghera took a brave step running away from home in order to avoid a forced marriage. Since…

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Exit Trafficking Conviction

By ACRATH | May 1, 2024

In April 2024 a Victorian court found a man guilty of exit trafficking after he stranded his wife overseas. The man was in an arranged…

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Vulnerable Migrant Workers

By ACRATH | August 10, 2022

Exploitation of vulnerable workers is a major problem in Australia. Migrant communities are at heightened risk of exploitation given the range of economic and linguistic vulnerabilities…

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Slavery Exists in Australia

By ACRATH | August 30, 2021

The ABC recently ran an article on Modern Slavery in Australia, which featured Aranya’s story (name changed for privacy) of modern slavery for sexual exploitation…

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Supporting women and Girls

By ACRATH | August 3, 2021

In 2021 the theme for the World Day Against Trafficking in Persons (31st July) was Victim Voices Lead the Way. To mark this day the…

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Domestic Servitude Conviction

By ACRATH | July 21, 2021

A Melbourne husband and wife who held a woman in slavery in their home for eight years have been jailed. This is the first time…

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Exposing Modern Slavery

By ACRATH | May 12, 2021

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the 2021 ACRATH National Conference was held as an online event over three weeks. The theme for the final session of…

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Carer Kept as Slave

By ACRATH | April 22, 2021

A Sydney couple have pleaded guilty to charges of forced labour and harbouring a person. In court it was revealed the couple paid for a…

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Temporary Migrants During Covid-19

By ACRATH | September 17, 2020

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic ACRATH has been concerned for migrant workers and international students and their vulnerability to exploitation. UTS Law’s A/Prof Laurie Berg and…

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Support for Workers in Queensland

By ACRATH | September 2, 2020

ACRATH’s Regional Coordinator in Queensland, Sr Janine Bliss fmm, has been spending a good bit of time in the Bundaberg area supporting seasonal workers in…

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Australian Institute of Criminology Research

By ACRATH | August 31, 2020

The Australian Institute of Criminology has released a Research Report – Review of the National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery 2015-19. The report…

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