The Problem with Chocolate

SarahSr Sarah Puls speaks about Slavery in the Cocoa Industry

In a recent interview aired on ABC Radio National ACRATH member, Sr Sarah Puls sgs, spoke on the link between chocolate and child slavery. Sarah explained that most of the chocolate we eat in Australia comes from West Africa. People in this area are at risk of exploitation because there is not enough money to employ people. Employment practices can be less than ethical. In particular children from the area, and also children trafficked into the area, are forced into picking cocoa beans. These children are denied their right to an education. So is there such a thing as ethical chocolate? Learn more about this issue by listening to the interview with Sarah here.

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    • Margaret Ker
    • On: April 25, 2017

    Any chance of obtaining a transcript of this interview?The ABC does not seem to have it available.

      • ACRATH
      • On: April 25, 2017

      There is not a transcript available. You need to download the interview or listen on line.

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