The Voices of Trafficked Women

I Have a Voice Launch

I Have a Voice LaunchListening, Relating, Responding

Sister of Mercy and ACRATH Member, Angela Reed rsm, has given a human face to victims of sex trafficking in the Philippines, the country where she chose to do her Ph D research, aided by her bi-lingual Filipina assistant, social worker and university lecturer Marietta (Mayet) Latonio. Through her research she explored the complex lives of 40 trafficked women through forming relationships of trust. Now 22 of those stories, in the women’s own words and at their request, are available in a book ‘I HAVE A VOICE: Trafficked Women in Their Own Words’, edited by Sr Angela and Marietta, which was launched by Faye Kelly rsm, Community Leader South C, on 27 August in Melbourne. (Photo: Anne Walsh) Read more…


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