Thought for November

November 2019 Action - Post

Have you ever wondered about the impacts of fast fashion? When St Ursula’s College ‘Not 4 Sale’ students not only thought about it they took action. They arranged a clothes swap.  The swap encouraged students to think more about where their clothes come from, and the impact of fast fashion. It also asked them to consider other opportunities in their lives to reduce, reuse and recycle clothing. OXFAM research has found that, on average, just 4% of the price of a piece of clothing sold in Australia goes towards workers’ wages in garment factories. Some garment factory workers are paid as little as 37 cents an hour. Do you know where your garments come from. Are the garment manufacturers being paid a living wage?

From November 25 you might like to join ACRATH and the international community’s 16 Days Campaign Against Gender-based Violence, aware that human trafficking is one of the greatest forms of violence against women and girls. Use the reflection sheet and poster from


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