TIP 2015

TIP 2015“To Enlighten, To Energise, To Empower”

In launching the TIP Report 2015 US Secretary of State, John Kerry indicated that the purpose of this report is “to enlighten and to energize, and most importantly, to empower people” so that they can bring about reform and work to prevent human trafficking and modern day slavery.

“This year’s Report places a special emphasis on human trafficking in the global marketplace,” said Secretary Kerry. “It highlights the hidden risks that workers may encounter when seeking employment and the steps that governments and businesses can take to prevent trafficking, including a demand for transparency in global supply chains. The bottom line is that this is no time for complacency. Right now, across the globe, victims of human trafficking are daring to imagine the possibility of escape, the chance for a life without fear, and the opportunity to earn a living wage. I echo the words of President Obama and say to them: We hear you, and we will do all we can to make that dream come true. Read more…

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