Traffik-Free Toblerone?


Campaigning for Toblerone Free from Child-Slavery

Since September we’ve been asking Mondelez (previously Kraft) to take action to ensure their chocolate is free from child trafficking starting with Toblerone.  On the 19th November they announced plans to invest $400m into cocoa farming communities. This is a great step forward. But we need to know more.  We’re asking them for details of their plan and to tell us when we will be able to buy Mondelez chocolate that is free from child trafficking?

Now is the moment of opportunity to ask Mondelez for answers and…

…when will we be able to buy a Traffik-Free Toblerone?

You can help by joining in the Tweet for Toblerone Tuesday campaign.  Every Tuesday between now and Christmas visit Stop the Traffik and re-Tweet their messages to Toblerone.

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