Training Beyond Our Shores

February Post 2022

Human trafficking is a global problem. The February page of the 2022 ACRATH Calendar gives an example of how ACRATH is reaching out beyond our shores to raise awareness about human trafficking and modern slavery.

Caregivers from  health care services in Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia, are now better trained to identify and support trafficked people.

ACRATH, in partnership with St John of God Healthcare (SJGHC), has run a major formation-program, offered to 563 leaders from SJGHC facilities across the four countries. The sessions raised awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery and what can be done within SJGHC to identify and support trafficked people and to identify slavery in supply chains. Kirsty Sword-Gusmao (pictured), said during the opening session:

 As noted in the *state department’s report, the Timor-Leste government’s failure to fulfil its commitments around reporting and prevention of human trafficking have meant there is an extra onus on NGOs and health care providers & workers to be alert to behavioural indicators of workplace exploitation and human trafficking. Clinician recognition and action along with awareness of the referral pathways are vital to upholding the human rights of victims as is the solidarity and practical support of individual community members everywhere that exploitative practices exist in the world.
(*Trafficking in Person (TIP) Report produced each year by the US Department of State.)