UNANIMA International Publication

UNANIMA International is a Non –Governmental Organization (NGO) advocating on behalf of Women and Children, Homeless and Displaced, Migrants and Refugees, and the Environment primarily at the United Nations. ACRATH has valued its ongoing relationship with UNANIMA International over the years.

Recently ACRATH appreciated the invitation to contribute to UNANIMA International’s latest research – The Intersections between Family Homelessness and Human Trafficking. In the foreward to this publication Executive Director of UNANIMA International, Sr Jean Quinn DW, notes that Family Homelessness and Human Trafficking are “two intersecting issues, and the issues should not be examined separately. Rather the problem of human trafficking and its relationship to homelessness should be looked at as one. In putting this publication together UNANIMA International wants to increase the awareness of the relationship between Human Trafficking and Family Homelessness.”

Lead Researcher and Policy Advocate at UNANIMA International, Kirin Taylor, points out that a “Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) must be applied to preventing and addressing both Family Homelessness and Human Trafficking through policy and plans of action, as well as in analyses of the issues at hand.”

The research document, which can be accessed here, provides a number of recommendations for UN Member States and their
respective governments, civil society, and other political actors.

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