What Has Changed?

What Has Changed

It is now 10 years since the Rana Plaza disaster. On 24th April 2013 over 1,000 garment workers were killed and thousands more were injured when the building they were working in collapsed. Labels of well known brands surfaced in the rubble of the building.

A few months later Baptist World Aid released its first Ethical Fashion Report. The 2013 Report, and subsequent reports, have helped to shed a light on what fashion companies are doing and still need to do in order to protect garment workers.

In this tenth anniversary year, Baptist World Aid has released a new report – What’s Changed in 10 Years? While policies have been developed and codes of conduct have been designed outcomes for workers, such as the payment of a living wage, are still lagging. Many garment workers are still living in poverty despite working twelve hours a day, six days a week.

ACRATH joins with Baptist World Aid in celebrating the progress that has been made in the last ten years and calls on the fashion industry to create genuine systemic change so that all garment workers are treated with respect and dignity, can afford to support their families, and live and work in healthy and safe environments.

Download your copy of What’s Changed in 10 Years? here.

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