When Will Toblerone Be Traffik-Free


Child slavery in the Cocoa Industry

Thousands of children are trafficked into the cocoa industry each year.  The cocoa beans they harvest are used to make our chocolate.  These children have never tasted chocolate.  What can you do about this form of forced child labour?

Send a postcard to Mondelez, the world’s largest chocolate company asking them to take action to help end child trafficking in the cocoa industry.

Thousands of STOP THE TRAFFIK campaigners around the world have been in touch with Mondelez since November last year asking for two things:

  1. When will Toblerone be traffik-free?
  2. When will they release a public timeline committing to certifying the rest of their range?

…but despite recent announcements there’s still no clear answer to these questions.  Your help is needed to get Mondelez’s attention.

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