World Day of Peace 2015


WorldDayofPeaceNo Longer Slaves, but Brothers and Sisters

As we celebrate World Day of Peace 2015 let us, inspired by the words of Pope Francis, be peacemakers working against the exploitation of our fellow human beings. Pope Francis began his message for World Day of Peace message by  offering “heartfelt wishes of peace to every man and woman, to all the world’s peoples and nations, to heads of state and government, and to religious leaders” and praying “for an end to wars, conflicts and the great suffering caused by human agency, by epidemics past and present, and by the devastation wrought by natural disasters”.  He reminds us that our relationships should be marked by justice, love and respect for the dignity and freedom of all people.  Tragically, however, there are some people in our world today who treat others as objects instead of as human persons created in God’s image.

Pope Francis invites us “to practice acts of fraternity towards those kept in a state of enslavement. Let us ask ourselves, as individuals and as communities, whether we feel challenged when, in our daily lives, we meet or deal with persons who could be victims of human trafficking, or when we are tempted to select items which may well have been produced by exploiting others.” (Photo:

Download the Pope’s message for World Day of Peace 2015 here.

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